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Elegance is forever

Anantham stands for 

Infinite dedication. 

Infinite integrity. 

Infinite quality.

Anantham Precious is a team of third-generation jewellers committed to providing customers with everlasting, Anantham jewellery, sourced ethically and crafted diligently.


Our team is a blend of skilled artisans dedicated to the art that is jewellery-making. Creating jewellery that transcends the boundaries of trend-based beauty, encapsulating ageless luxury, grace and poise. Anantham-made pieces are different from the last, with their own unique journey from start to finish; made to measure, complementing the adorner’s beauty.

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Only the finest quality.

Intricately identified, high-quality diamonds with the best possible characteristics in cut, polish and symmetry that project unmatched scintillating lustre.


22k, 18k and 14k Hallmarked Gold; crafted to the client’s desire.


The finest AAA-quality gemstones, and semi-precious colour stones, specially procured from their country of origin, each with its natural colour and clarity variation. Exemplary cut and polish, guaranteed.

Upholding morals is a necessity, not a choice

Every step of the process - from sourcing the jewel to its crafting, and ultimately its passing on to our client - is subject to only the highest levels of ethics and sincerity. Everyone involved in the jewellery tapestry stands on an equal footing, with their own important role to play. This importance is recognised in the form of respect, fair remuneration, and healthy work environments.

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